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Rowley, Massachusetts

What began with the purchase of a 9-acre parcel of raw land in Rowley, Massachusetts in 2000 would become the home to Capone Iron Corporation’s flagship facility.  In just under two years, CIC began operations on June 24, 2002. 

Our 50,000 square foot structural steel and miscellaneous metals fabrication facility was carefully designed to provide optimal material handling, resulting in maximum fabrication productivity.  All materials are received, inspected, fabricated, finished and shipped through this streamlined process which allows CIC to meet the demands of our clients efficiently.

CIC Rowley houses state of the art steel fabrication equipment and operates in a near paperless work environment.  Each of our plant employees manage their daily tasks, view plan drawings and operate our fabrication equipment all from individual laptops.  With the use of technology, we can track steel from purchase right through to installation. 

Rowley is home to our administration team which includes the office of our Executive Management Team, as well as our Accounting, Human Resources, Operations and Project Management teams.  In addition, we host Patriot Iron Corporation, a Woman Business Enterprise and related company, which provides steel erection services.

Capone Iron Corporation serves New England, New York and beyond, proudly fabricating, delivering and erecting American fabricated steel. 

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